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New Year’s day paddle up the Deben with the DYC

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Lawrence entered the Alton Water Frostbite series in his Hadron H2 dinghy, starting on 5th January and running for 9 Sundays until 1st March. It became know as the windy series as several big storms came through with high winds in between them as well. We had extra cargo straps on Waterdog to keep the wheelhouse roof on and the kayaks on deck as we got up to 70mph gusts during the storms.

The main work on Waterdog was making the new galley and this progressed steadily. The biggest hold up was getting the sink delivered, 1st was cancelled due to storm Ciara, 2nd was wrong handed due to their website error, 3rd was damaged in transit, 4th was wrong handed again, and finally a good one appeared, this all wasted nearly 6 weeks. Thankfully we aren’t desperate for a kitchen and have other things to get on with.

The global pandemic changed the year and we had to get used to staying onboard and shopping for food every 2 weeks. So in spring we just got on with chipping and painting the aft and port decks and Lorna got into sewing. There was great weather in the summer and we were lucky to have a local DYC sailing regatta which was great to take part in. We had lots of sailing and kayaking until the 2nd and 3rd lockdowns when we had to just get on and finish making the new galley.

The year’s end was marked by Lorna having her head shaved for Cancer Research UK and she raised £2731.54 and sent her hair off to make wigs for young cancer sufferers.