Humber Barge Waterdog
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The summer of 2015 was strange for a number of reasons, apart from the weather that is. The oil industry was going through a proper meltdown as global oil & Gas prices more than halved and oil reserves reached an all time high. Many oil service companies ended up with very little work and were forced to lay off large numbers of staff, both onshore and offshore.

Lawrence works in the oil service industry and has had to work more with less structure than before so our cruising plans were put on hold. We only managed 2 short trips down our local river to spend a week or so in a different town. This was enough to keep us practiced at boat handling and rope work and to remind us that we won’t always work. We like to move Waterdog.

Our last mini cruise down the Sambre coincided with our local club’s end of season bash in a members house, there is no club house as such. Luckily the weather came good with wide blue skies, the trees turning into some great colours and, in Thuin, we found plenty of empty quay side.

The meal was fabulous with loads of tasty starters and then Belgium cous cous which turned out to be a vegetable stew, sausages with cous cous. Lots of wine and baguettes plus gateau for dessert, and some low key friendly banter.

We discovered some new walks for Tilly and thoroughly enjoyed being away from the home mooring.