Cruising Burnout and back again

Aft bedroom
Future galley

Proposed Aft Bedroom and workshop

When the bulkhead to the engine room is completed, we can lay a pine floor for the aft bedroom and a ply floor for the workshop under the stairs.

Proposed new galley and lounge area

This area has no floor yet but we hope to floor it with French oak boards during this winter. The galley, dining area and lounge will take up about 9.5m of the boats length and will be full width at 4.5m. That's 3m x 4.5m more than we have just now so will give a better feeling of space and light. The galley & dining area will be under the large skylight and the lounge will get the smaller one. It means we will walk down the stairs from the wheelhouse straight into the galley for those important cups of tea/coffee and lunch while we are cruising.

This area includes the last ‘old' (1970s) bulkhead, which presently separates the empty space from the temporary living area. This will have to be dismantled when the aft area is floored and lined so we can complete the space. Of course that means moving a radiator, wiring and fittings but that's life when you live in a space while building it.

The present galley, dining and lounge area will become part of the new bigger space as it is built. The exact order of dismantling will depend on keeping living disruption to a minimum.

Bathroom and forward Bedroom

The bathroom will stay as it is and the forward bedroom will remain ours instead of becoming the spare room. Both are great rooms.

Stbd corridor
Forward bedroom