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The new galley came along with smashing LED lights fitted & bright yellow walls which we liked enough to carry right through this main saloon and up the corridor.

The new lights for the main saloon were dimmable and could change from cold white to warm white. They also included fans to circulate air in hot summer weather. We built a cooker hood into the ceiling leading straight into a new brass mushroom in the roof.

Then the global pandemic of 2020 meant that the UK went into lockdown in March, all sailing and kayaking were stopped and trips out shrank to shopping for food every 2 weeks. We could go to the allotment still so Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and courgettes were planted. Our trip to Australia for a friends wedding in May was cancelled so we sent a congratulation video instead. We’ve still got open tickets so….. Who knows.

In spring we had weeks & weeks of dry weather so Lawrence painted the aft and port decks. The new method was to do it a section of about 5m2 at a time to completion. Each section then took several days of chipping, brushing and washing and then a day each for rust cure, primer, anti slip floor paint and finally a smooth floor paint top coat. We are hoping that by finishing a section completely it gets protected and will last longer. Lorna did a lot of sewing, organising and zoom ukulele meetings.

Left, Lorna’s home made linen dungarees looking great.