Humber Barge Waterdog
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We left Harwich 1 hour before LW and then used the full flood tide to steam West towards the river Blackwater. It was a glorious sunny calm day but with an interesting front away to our North East. We went along the coaast, up the river Blackwater and then up Mayland creek to Blackwater Marina. We waited overnight on a pontoon and then went into the flooded & sunk dry dock, on the next days’ HW. As the tide ebbed out of the dry dock, Waterdog settled onto the 9 cross beams and tilted over to 2 deg to port. When the dock was empty she was left high and dry above the dock, they shut the lower valve and hatch and the next HW floated the dry dock and Waterdog so it could be hauled around closer to the workshops above the slipway.

The exciting coastal trip was complete and now we start the business of dry dock, story to follow when dry dock is done.