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The new Maxxfan was fitted and wired to a 12v dropper to power the 10" fan. It is right above our sofa where we sit in the evening and can blow air in or out at the touch of the remote control. It can also be used in the rain when we usually have to shut down the skylights, making it really stuffy inside.

The right hand picture is Lawrence wiring the fan to 12v in the living room ceiling.

We had stayed in Charleville-Mezieres an extra day just to get the fan fitted so when we set off again we could experiment on how to use it. We finally decided on shutting the whole boat down in the morning when it was cool from the night before and then keeping the heat and sunshine out until late evening. When the day cooled to less than 25°C or so we could open up the Max fan to suck some fresh air into the boat. It worked fantastically and made a huge difference to living in the boat in baking hot weather.