Humber Barge Waterdog
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We’ve had a (second hand) blue BIC boat 2.45m long with integral wheels for 6 years. It was light and convenient and pretty indestructible but we hardly used it because it was very small and uncomfortable to be in. As a replacement we bought a 12 year old Zodiac inflatable with a 6HP Suzuki 4 stroke engine as we thought we would get out on the river more.

The Suzuki is a single cylinder 4-stroke so quite simple but it pushes the Zodiac along just nice. The BIC boat sold to someone for fishing trips and went for a similar price to what we paid 5 years ago, so all are happy.

We had a custom made cover created by Trident UK in the same material as our roof to protect the dinghy from the UV of the summer sun.

Looks great doesn’t it? The dinghy is upside down to keep the water out and the cover was made to fit it like this.