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In an attempt to keep the boat cooler in the summer this year we have planned to change the deck and coaming colours to ivory/cream. I started with all the rust spots by chipping, brushing and treating with rust inhibitor. Then we have chosen a new paint called Rustoleum and we mix into it fine granules of non slip rubber grit. It went on beautifully but I soon learned that I needed dark glasses on so I could keep my eyes open when painting.

We are hoping that the brightness means that heat is reflected off the deck more than the old darker grey that we have had for 5 years. The new cream coloured roof tarp has been on order since October so we can hope to get it and fit it soon.

My birthday treat this May was a trip to Abbaye D’Aulne for the local VTT event. This is mountain bike meeting where the local club lay out several courses around their area and all are welcome to come and try them out. You choose 25km, 35km or 55km routes, pay to join the event (4 Euro for the 25km) and off you go. It was great, with the trails taking me miles through forest and across farmland. I did 25km and with the steep climbs and rough tracks that was enough, I was knackered. There was a lot of interest in the refreshment stop at 12km out, bananas, madera cake, oranges and sports juices. Lots of lycra!

A misty early morning for a walk around the fields with Lorna and Tilly before the heat came on. We like Abbaye D’Aulne a lot as it has pubs, restaurants and forest walks but the road is quite noisy as it is a popular place for the locals to come at the weekends.

A VTT refreshment stop at 14km out.