Humber Barge Waterdog
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October/November brought Lockdown 2 and no sailing as the dinghy park was out of bounds. We got on with the galley build again. Lorna liked the plain temporary plywood doors that I had made, so we had 18mm thick rectangles cut by a local company so we could finish them to the colour of our choice. So, we decided on a beautiful blue paint and paired it with polished yellow agate handles - they look great! The painting took a long time as we tried to get a fine finish using a paint pad and had to clean up the whole area to cut down any dust.

Lawrence made the oak shelves and Lorna sanded and oiled them. The top shelf is screwed down and then plugged with oak plugs drilled from spare off-cuts.

We measured up for the yellow Perspex splash backs to be laser cut by a specialist company and then Lawrence trimmed them using a new fine blade on the cross cut saw. They fitted really well and are sealed to the work top and wall.