Humber Barge Waterdog
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We decided to carry on the interior build of Waterdog and to fix up all the small things that make life easier on board or that have been not working well for a few years. It was enough to give a great sense of achievement. We started on the new 2nd bedroom (left), fitted new LED lights in that room, fitted LED spot lights on all 4 exterior corners of the wheelhouse for thos very dark unlit winter walks, fitted a battery monitor & switch panel for the bow batteries, did our first fit electrics for the stern area and many other jobs.

To the right here is Lorna wiring up the back of the 24v switch panel for the spotlights, it was much easier to take the panel down and work on it on a bench.

Here’s Lawrence building the framework for the new bedroom aft, Tilly under her toys as we had tried to get her to play and finally what Tilly really wanted to do instead of playing.