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From Thuin I could enjoy a different area for cycling and went a couple of times to the wooded hills of Abbaye D’Aulne. My GPS records my track (left) and elevation (right) so shows why I was so tired after only 22km of cycling. The slippery, rock covered tracks take a lot of effort and included a crash where slippery cobbles on a very steep hill took the bike one way and me the other, I sported a few cuts and bruises from that mistake. The flat end to the elevation chart was the canal towpath on the way home.

We finally have managed to get a photo of one of the very fast moving Kingfishers that we spot while cruising the waterways. They often flit past us and alight on branches above the water ahead of us and then flit on again as we approach. This one, pictured right, stayed put while we rumbled past just outside the Erquelinnes basin.