Humber Barge Waterdog
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Well, it couldn't all be sunshine and light airs through the whole winter, like our sails at the end of 2012. We eventually got some wet and windy days to get the boat moving, some loved it and the rest - loved it. It was still cold but with the right clothes it was quite OK.

The Navy was very active through this winter and there always seemed to be 4 or 5 war ships around, this one is HMS Somerset anchored in Cawsand bay with a Merlin helicopter which replaces the old Sea King helicopters. They add to the scenery but Plymouth sound seemed a bit crowded with them anchored all over it.

When they come in or out they have 2 police chase boats, out ahead clearing the way. We always try to stay out of the main channels but when one ship decided to sweep around the sound outside the main channels we were asked politely to *%^! head away into Jenny cliff bay while it went through. We complied of course.

In the picture to the right it was raining so hard that it was refilling our cups of tea as we drank them. We were still laughing though :-)