Humber Barge Waterdog
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Our old Tabur dinghy (left, this summer) is very stable and light weight but we think it is about 35 years old and the sun has damaged the polypropylene plastic. We keep repairing the hull but it keeps cracking around the old centre plate and leaking so that the double hull has water in it and so does the dinghy when you use it. It hasn't sunk yet but it is on its way.

We found a 9 month old BIC boat 245 (below) with an updated design to the old boat and snapped it up at half the new price. We collected this at Christmas and then, of course, had to try the boat out on New Year’s day. We tried it with a borrowed 2HP engine and had a great day out with cake and hot chocolate. It has a movable seat and 2 wheels at the back so is very useful. It weighs just 39Kg so can be flipped upright and launched off Waterdog by one person and the plastic is very tough.