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Barge Waterdog
Humber Barge Waterdog
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WATERDOG c. 1876

89' x 15'11" (27m x 4.85m) Humber Trading Barge

The black and white photo above is from Waterdog's trading days on the Humber, Trent and Aire and Calder. She is pictured near Pollington Lock in the 1950s or 1960s.

Lorna saved Waterdog from the scrap yard in 1996 and then Lawrence joined her in 1997 and they worked together on the barge from 1997 till 2008 to make her ready for crossing the North Sea and cruising Europe. We set sail from the Humber to Dunkerque in July 2008 to carry on the adventure in France. Everyone needs a dream and we started ours even though Waterdog was not, and still isn't, finished. From 2015 we couldn’t cruise very much due to the difficulties of the Oil & Gas industry effecting Lawrence’s job, so we started searching for a UK mooring. We struck lucky and were offered a mooring in Woodbridge, Suffolk, up the river Deben, all we had to do then was get there.

In September 2016 Waterdog crossed the North Sea from Nieuwpoort, Belgium to Woodbridge, the new mooring will be a whole new experience with a beautiful estuary and the boat drying out on the mud twice a day with the tides. English speaking neighbours will be great and buying materials for the boat will be very much easier.

We hope to get involved in local boating and hopefully take Waterdog to Lowestoft in 2017 for a dry docking.

Check out the links above by year and the links within each year, or just look through the photos in the Galleries tab. The latest North Sea crossing is under 2016 and the start of 2017 with several storm surges experienced at our new east coast of England mooring on the river Deben.

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2017 started with several storm surges, one of which dominated the national news for a while. We are also searching for a dry dock to get new paint and anodes on Waterdog.

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