Leave the Somme for Canal du Nord and Oise


We had made local friends in Corbie so this was Annie coming along for 8 km to the first lock, she brought her bike along and cycled home from Sally-le-Sec to Corbie. She really enjoyed her day out on the barge!

Narrow Somme

Some parts of the Canal de la Somme are getting shallower and more restricted since there are no commercial barges using it now. It felt very winding and narrow and in places we had to push through overhanging trees.


Cruising is not all hard work and locks. A good book, a comfortable chair and a dog to keep you warm.


Heading south on the canal du Nord we soon had to pass through a 1km tunnel (PK79). It was dead straight so you could see the exit as we approached and it uses the same traffic light system as the locks, you can see we have a green light by the entrance.


There is wooden fendering either side of the tunnel to help the barges stay in the middle, otherwise you could knock off the upper corners of the wheelhouse, or worse.


We are not always in the idealic countryside, this quayside is for the local Silo but it was only a 1km walk into Noyon town centre for a cold beer while soaking up the atmosphere.


The view the other way was still brilliant with a nice sunset to end the day.