Humber Barge Waterdog
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We used the early spring to get as much refit done as possible, because when we start cruising it is difficult to work on the boat as well. We fitted the new wheelhouse table just in time for 2 friends (Louise & Alex) to arrive and christen it with a Sunday afternoon drink, their boat, Riccall, was in dry dock at Pont de Loup and they needed a break from the chaos.

The old table was still serving us as our visitors used it while we finished fitting new one in place.

Our beautiful new table made from Iroko to our own design with 3 drawers and a fold out top.

I concentrated on rust treating and painting the gunwales, deck fittings and the back of the wheelhouse, all of which was deteriorating fast in the weather. By chance there was a 2 week hot and dry spell in late April which meant I could get on with the painting nearly every day.

Lorna refurbished the blue board and navigation light boxes ready for use in the summer.

The progress on the overall fitting out seems slow but we don't like doing it full time, since life is for living. Working for a living can get in the way too :-).