Erquelinnes to Namur May 2011

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Lobbes Lock

Removing the concrete shuttering and also the framework obstructing the gates.

Lobbes lock

Bollards in name only, not for pulling on, just drape the ropes on them!


Monday morning arrived and we had been told to be at the lock by 08:30 so Lawrence cycled to the lock for 08:00 to see if it was ready. The concrete caissons were still blocking the lock and the gates but the workers had arrived to remove them. The lock keeper said it wouold be a couple of hours and he would call us. He called us 30 minutes later and told us to come through. They were still removing some of the workings as we entered the lock and then they also said that we should be very gentle with the lock and the 2 temporary bollards as they weren’t set yet! We usually stop the boat using the ropes to the bollards so this time we didn’t. We rested our ropes around them and kept the boat steady on the engine.


The only audience at the next lock were some Billy goats chewing the cud.


We stopped over night in Marchienne-au-Pont which is on the outskirts of Charleroi. Charleroi is an incredible industrial landscape with fantastic graffiti which featured in our webpages for 2009 as we cruised towards Erquelinnes. Here is a 90m barge unloading scrap steel to a huge covered yard with smelting going on just next door. We just missed getting a picture of a huge crucible of molten steel being poured.

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