Early summer

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We finally escaped the high Sambre and descended the low Sambre bound for the river Meuse, the early summer was cold and wet with rain coming down like a power shower. Lorna braved the weather to do the ropes in the big locks and came back to the wheelhouse with crocs full of water at one lock.

Summer started wet

When we left Namur were motoring against a fairly strong flow on the river Meuse so engine revs were higher than normal. After a couple of hours there was a strong hot rubber smell in the engine room and I wondered what it meant. Then, bang, the twin fan belts flew apart, the non-charging light came on and within seconds the engine overheat alarm started screaming! This was not good news in a strong flowing river with big wirs so we headed for the sloping rough stone bank to tie up. We spotted some bollards set back from the edge by too much for a thrown line, but luckily a group of Belgium cyclists happened by and Lorna shouted to them to take a line. Excellent, we got 2 lines ashore and Waterdog ground into the bank and rested on the rocks.

Fan belt broke

It was hot sweaty work in an engine room with an overheated engine but with much effort and cussing we got 2 new belts on and tightened up. We try to carry all spares imaginable so happily had the right ones for the job. Ninety minutes later we started up the engine and carried on, phew!

The rock Dinant

We stopped under the rock in Dinant for bacon and egg sandwiches and a dog walk. The blue board is up to tell commercial barges to pass stbd to stbd instead of the normal port to port.

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