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We have been using our temporary galley for 15 years now and it is time to make the proper one in the aft 3rd of the boat. It is all part of our plan but has been redesigned several times, now that Lawrence has retired we can get on and make it. It involves making floors, walls, ceilings and taking down the last of the 1970s bulkheads.

Here are the first 4 kitchen units laid out against the port side. We decided that to build the half wall behind the kitchen units then we should take out the old 1970s bulkhead and open up our interior. This old bulkhead is on the right of this picture with fire extinguishers and CD racks mounted on it. Currently it separates our warm clean living area from cold workshop area. Anyway, it has to go so here goes with the Bosch reciprocating saw and crowbar.