2012 Spring Cruise

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Welle All the available moorings were full of boats as the convoy made its way up the Sambre. Here is Welle, a wide beam narrow boat, built in Holland and kept in Belgium with Belgium owners. Moored behind are two of the Belgium cruisers who took part.
A historic Dutch barge, Peke, making the trip, with The River moored behind at Bois l' Abbaye. Peke


Tilly running Running Tilly
The spring dandelions were just blooming and so was Tilly as she rejoiced in running up and down along the towpath between Lawrence and Lorna. Tiny training treats were used to get her started then excitement took over. Last year Tilly was slow and lethargic as her thyroid gland had packed in. This was diagnosed last winter and now she is on tablets for life. Wow, if ever medication made a difference, this is proof - the puppy is back!
Running Tilly How does she see where she is going?

Boats at Tupigny

Seven boats made it down the locks to Tupigny and related crumbling lock walls and shallow water. This looked a lovely place but the canal is starting to decay from lack of use and maintenance. The remaining boats were either denied mooring space there by VNF or were too deeply drafted and too long to get there, turn around and safely return. All the boats taking part in the rally were spread out over about 15km of canal in order to find suitable moorings.

Etreux Gard

We went as far as Etreux Gard and turned around in the moorings there. On the way back downstream we met with the 27m barge Anthonia as we returned to moor at Bois l'Abbaye. This section of canal is not maintained with the banks are overgrown and falling into the water, we had to go around a few hazards and squeeze past the other boats.

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