MAP of our cruise for spring 2012 (c/o PC-Navogo)

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The image below shows our route from this spring's cruising from Erquelinnes, Belgium to Tupigny, France and back. The plan was for local Belgium boats, together with DBA barges to cruise in company up the high Sambre, as far as possible, to the blockage at Vadencourt. It was part of a, campaign to get the funding for the high Sambre to be re-opened by carrying out repairs to the Vadencourt aqueduct. The boats gathered in Erquelinnes in early April 2012 and then cruised in company up to Tupigny for social and media events between 20th and 23rd April 2012.


This voyage plan showed that there were 82km to do with 27 locks and 6 lift bridges, it should take approximately 25 hours at the speed limit of 6 km/hr. The canal is currently blocked at Vadencourt which is just 4km south west of Tupigny.


This overview shows that continuing south from Tupigny links you to several canals with Chauny, Compiegne and the champagne region and forms part of a shorter route to Paris from Belgium. The Canal de la Sambre becomes the Canal de la Sambre a l'Oise from Landrecies south west and the top pound is between Bois l'Abbaye and Gard. The canal then descends quickly through a series of locks to Tupigny and beyond.

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