Cruising Burnout and back again

Bow area

Bow storage looking to port, bow thruster electrics on aft lower bulkhead and FW filter system above. Bow thruster batteries are under the wooden structure and the bow thruster tunnel is under the new wooden floor.


Looking forward from back of wheelhouse, stairs are to starboard, the middle window is opening and has a window wiper.

This is my favourite space but will have to wait to get finished at some later date. It functions well as a wheelhouse with engine controls, steering, lights and instruments but is not comfortable yet.

Bow storage room

This was to become a workshop but has evolved into a larder and store room. This is a better use since this end of the boat is clean and it would be awkward to bring materials and tools into the front for work. More shelves will make this a better space but we need to keep access to the working bits like anchor chain locker, 2x spare lengths of anchor chain, pressure system for water, 1.3 tonne water tank, bow thruster and tunnel and the bow thruster batteries. There is also an escape hatch and ladder here that we could use to get out from the forward bedroom.


The plan will be to line the lower half with ply wood and fit seating in a U shape around the back. Then remake the console with nice wood and maybe make it slightly bigger to take the instruments, laptop and canal charts that end up cluttering the small console top we have at the moment. Finally the roof that is supposed to be removable is starting to break up due to damp and is too heavy for 2 people to handle. We need to remake this with different materials that are lighter but still insulating.


There are new Europe wide regulations coming into being that we will have to consider in the near future. Some of these could be quite difficult for us to comply with so we are trying to find out what we have to do whilst fitting out the remainder of Waterdog. For example, if we have to have water tight bulkheads and pumps in every space, it will be better to try to do this now rather than when we have finished the interior. We are hoping that as an old barge that is not in commercial use there will be less stringent regulations to conform to. Lorna is researching at the moment and we hope to get a survey done later this year.


These are gratuitous photos of Tilly to 'up' the Tilly factor for these pages by popular request. Here she is engrosed in the gravy left in the pie dish as I tried to put it in the dishwasher. You would think we never fed her.

Tilly looks out

We all walked to the supermarket together and then Lorna shopped while I walked Tilly home. She then sat pining for Lorna looking out of the back of the wheelhouse in the correct direction.