Canal du Nord and river Oise

Busy Compiegne
Tranquil compiegne
Compiegne was a nice stop with a large lively town. We were moored next to a path so had lots of people taking a look plus one drinker who thought he could climb onboard to sit and drink (He was told to move on). We bought some "Propriete' Privee" signs and strung them along the port side to discourage this and lit the boat at night. This seemed to work. The large willow tree was on an island in the river and Waterdog can be seen across the river to the right of the tree. There was a riverside chandlers near our mooring so as we left we took Waterdog alongside to fill up with water, white diesel for the motor, red diesel for generator and heating and oil for the engine. If we had managed to get propane gas for cooking it would have been a one stop shop for our needs, still, it was great to have the tanks full.


After Compiegne the river widened and got deeper and progress was swift. The river flow added 3km/h to the speed and the deep water let us go faster as well. There were plenty of commercial barges and pleasure boats and all seemed to be going as fast as possible. Getting closer to the city maybe?


We stopped in Pont-St-Maxace next to a steep grassy slope with a busy road. Not very pleasant as it was noisey and the barge traffic created big wash which bounced us against the concrete. When moored we use car tyres to cushion us against the bank so there was no banging but it was still uncomfortable.