Cruise to Amiens to turn around in April 2009

Corbie lock

Here we are in the newly repaired lock in Corbie with the workmen still tidying up and the stonework yet to finish. Our newly painted decks are a yellow rust inhibitor and primer but they still look better than multi coloured blue and rust we had before.

In control

The brand new control box with the lock keeper getting last minute instructions on his mobile phone.

Trouble at lock

The severe winter had slowed down the work on the lock with nearly a month when it was almost impossible to progress due to snow, ice and really low temperatures. The lock was only a few days late going back into service but with unfinished railings and stonework and lock keepers unsure of how to operate it. It took a while to get the lock through its various stages and more instructions are received from the engineers still on site. We weren't the first boat through as the Locaboats (hire boats) had started again this same week so you would think they would have it sorted. No hurry.

Open gates
Finally the gates are open and we can move on from Corbie. We had a 5 month stop there waiting for this lock to be repaired but it was a really nice town to get stuck in and we have really enjoyed it there.