Homeward bound, happy day


A happy captain!


A smug skipper!

After waiting out a severe gale of up 65kts of wind we motored home - just the 3 of us. The bow thruster is more powerful than we thought we could get from an electric system and seems a great choice so far. The new engine is really responsive to the throttle and pushes the boat as though matched to it. We can now manoeuvre and not be a danger to other boats!

Sleepy dog

Sleep dog.

Approaching Goole

Does my bum look big in this?

We were running the engine in, so kept to 1500 revs for the homeward trip, this got us about 6 kts into the wind and waves (15 to 20 kts wind). Top speed trials will have to wait till later. As you can see we are either very pleased to have escaped dry dock or we are really pleased to have a more useable boat at last.


Tilly seems to be getting used to the boating, there is a 1m tray of grass on the back deck if she needs it.


Late afternoon arriving in Goole South Dock.

Most people we spoke to before dry dock advised us to have hydraulic bow thruster because of the size of the boat. Having seen the amount of gear you have to install for hydraulics we decided against it. On the route home we found that most manoeuvring only needed a 3 to 10 second burst of bow thruster so the batteries should cope easily. If we were a commercial boat using the thruster all the time then hydraulic might make sense but for domestic use we are very pleased with the electric version. We bought the Sleipner (and Kohler gennerator) through Western Marine Power of Plymouth (www.wmp.co.uk) and found them very helpful. They supplied exactly what we ordered.
Tilly in grass
Tilly on deck
By popular request - more pictures of Tilly and less of the boat (for now).
Tilly on deck
Tilly takes a bath
Glad to be home by the canal and some nice warm winter sunshine to bask in. Tilly took a tumble in the canal but swam to my outstretched hand and I pulled her out, soon after that she had a shower to get all the mud and dirt out. She didn't enjoy it but we had a laugh!