Arrival in Dunkerque :-)

Arrive Dunkerque

We had to wait 5 hours beside the lock for our turn to enter. Some heavy sleeping ensued and then coffee, croissants and French bread before going further.

Arrive Dunkerque

Then we had the lock to ourselves.

Clive the engineer

Crew are washed and changed for their journey home by train, ferry, trains and taxis!


Peter thinking of food as usual with a quay covered in mussels and oysters.

The crew

All smiles now init!


Creeping through the various bassins in beautiful weather.


Three bridges to go through.

Centre Ville

Dunkerque town centre, preparing to moor up.


Interesting mooring technique from Lawrence and casual ropework from Clive. This is the Bassin de Commerce in Dunkerque town centre.


Actually we were turning around again to move 100m to the free berths with no pontoon and closer to the local police station. Keeping an eye on the visiting Brits maybe?

None the worse

Waterdog looking none the worse for her trial by sea. She'd been in rougher and deeper water than at any other time in her 'life'. Now she was moving in to moor in a new country next to the town hall and police station.