2007 Aire & Calder then South on New Junction

Peter helming

2nd day and Pete's first go at steering.

Pete Helming

As we head off under Rawcliffe Bridge.

Working the canals was new for all of us so we were full of researched information and pre-concieved ideas but also a lot of holes in our experience. I can't say I was very relaxed at all as we embarked on the unknown world of the English canal systems. About 5 miles on the 'Aire & Calder' and then left onto the 'New Junction'.
New Junction
'New Junction' has a series of aquaducts, swing bridges, lift bridges and one lock so there was lots of manoeuvring to come alongside to drop crew off and then pick them up after each. It would be easier to have them cycle along to each bridge so we could gently keep up with them but we weren't in a hurry and manoeuvring was good practice (that we needed).

Lift bridge

The first lift bridge, fancy being able to push a button, shut a public road and lift a bridge?

Swing bridge

Sykehouse lock has a swing bridge half way down it so Pete gets to open and close that, Come on - PUSH!

Swing bridge

Then of course it needed closing by skipper Lawrence.

Coming alongside

Lorna brings us alongside to pick Peter up.

One method to come alongside is to get a bow line on by throwing a loop onto a bollard and then gently steaming ahead on the line with the wheel over - to Port in this case. We really enjoyed our first day of locks and bridges and were happy to tie up, raise the wheelhouse sides and enjoy a warm evening with sunshine in the wheelhouse from above.

Tired & Happy

Tired but happy - 'Holiday tired' as Pete put it.

New Junction

Very nice spot to stop for the night.